Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upcoming Developments

After a hiatus, development on OSCATS is continuing.  Below are listed some changes to appear in the Hg repository soon, and the next release is planned for 1-2 months from now.

  Also, there are some new (and rather experimental) introspection-based MATLAB bindings for GObject at the gmatlab project.  They're ready for general use, but those interested who have some stamina may want to take a look.

  • GObject-Introspection support for liboscats
  • Shift language bindings to GO-I methods (perl, python, java)
  • Unified latent space object for continuous and discrete latent variables
  • Unified model support, allowing each Administrand to have an arbitrary number of models (for different purposes, e.g. simulation, estimation, calibration, statistical interest)
  • Support sub-classing models and algorithms in bound languages
  • More common IRT/CD models
  • More item selection algorithms, including a-Stratified and Dual-purpose methods
  • Simpson-Hetter exposure control